Changes in energy code requirements are pushing for a greener future for Canadian buildings and more profitable ventures for HVAC contractors.  They are calling for greater pipe and duct insulation thickness. This will improve energy efficiency over the long-run. Thicker walls will mean that manufacturers will be producing more pounds of insulations and contractors will be experiencing a very busy future. The anticipation here is a better profit margin for everyone.

ASHRAE has contributed to the tremendous push by incorporating minimum requirements in all of the 90.1 standards for pipe and duct insulation. The increased insulation thickness means more space around pipe and duct systems. The Mode National Energy Code for Buildings, the provincial energy code, also includes minimum pipe and duct insulation requirements.

What is to be expected from this? Regardless of what the minimum requirements are for thickness, conditions will more likely push towards increased insulation thickness. The specification could also dictate thickness less than those stipulated by the energy code. Contractors need to be fully conscious of these divergent approaches and challenge the consultant on what is actually required.

Although business opportunities are on a rise, so is competition. In order for HVAC contractors to stay competitive, it is pivotal that they integrate automation into their existing operations. Automation increases a company’s productivity, keeps their scrap costs low, maximizes their throughput, and allows them to achieve an economy of scale. The performance of MultiCam’s CNC machines, combined with its proprietary software, provides you with the ability to minimize your scrap costs. Since fixed costs are shared over an increased number of goods, you are ultimately lowering the average cost per unit through increased production. This means a hefty investment you were thinking about is not a financial burden, it is long-term planning.


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