Eliminate pre-flight software

Graphics professionals have long been required to use additional pre-flight software when applying cutting parameters to vector files. This inevitably adds an extra step in your workflow process where human error can impede production.

Prepress to cut workflowMultiCam provides the ability to go directly from your RIP (raster image processor) software to the cutter. It  eliminates the pre-flight process by allowing end users to setup a library database of cut parameters based on file types, layer names and materials. Once outputted from the RIP with the appropriate layer names, your file can be sent directly to your MultiCam cutter, where it will automatically recognize the layer names and apply all of the cutting parameters in one seamless step.

By using Suite4, operators and programmers have the ability to toolpath layered files. This keeps operators and programmers from having to write multiple files for the same program. JobConsole applies toolpathing based on the layering setup for seamless automated production where no external programming is needed.


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