Ellen's Design Challenge

If you’re as big a fan of HGTV as we are, you might have watched Ellen’s Design Challenge. Ellen DeGeneres puts 8 up-and-coming designers to the test, challenging them to create unique pieces of furniture within a strict time crunch. From hanging chairs to trendy beds, these designers have to consider form, function, and aesthetic appeal of their creations. This season adds a special element that we at MultiCam Canada are especially excited about. The workshop that is the birthplace of all the creative furniture is also home to a MultiCam V-Series Plasma and a MultiCam 3000 Series Router! Throughout this season you will see our associates from Anaheim, California help out the contestants by taking their ideas from drawings to reality through the use of CNC cutting technology.

In episode 3, competitor Melissa was tasked with creating a garden-inspired hanging chair. Her take was an adult-friendly tire swing that used the MultiCam router to cut out the rubber detailing and siding.

Ellen's Design Challenge Ellen's Design Challenge

Be sure to tune in every Monday at 9pm for new episodes on HGTV!


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