As mentioned in a previous blog post, Sign Effects and Design is equipped with the MultiCam 5000 Series Router. To accompany this powerful machine they have the new EnRoute 5 Software Pro Version. The combination of these two technologies creates a production team that is truly unstoppable! The New EnRoute 5 software boasts 50 new features including such things as Noise Distortion, 3D Engrave Suite, Advanced Nesting Suite, Remnant Creation, Object Distortion, Braille, Rapid Texture Fade, Blending Tool, and Parametric Shape Wizard. We spoke to Wayne Lampman, the owner of Sign Effects and Design about his machine and software. The following are a few things he shared with us about his EnRoute 5 in action at his shop:

Before acquiring the EnRoute 5 Pro software Wayne said that he had been using the previous version of EnRoute. In fact he has been an EnRoute user for 16 years! “I have been using EnRoute software since version 2”.

Wayne told us a few of his favourite things about this software. Primarily he listed EnRoute’s ease of manipulation. Its comprehensive user interface allows the user to easily change, design, and manipulate a cut file to obtain the desired results. He also mentioned EnRoute’s extreme level of accuracy. Wayne said that he trusts what it tells him. If cutting a piece of material 4 inches by 4 inches he is able to get a cutting accuracy of 4.0000 by 4.0000! Wayne mentioned a job he cut where a piece of material that small was worth 4000 dollars. When dealing with such expensive material is crucial to be able to rely on your CAD/CAM program and to know that it will provide you with very accurate information.

Wayne told us about a recent and interesting job he had programmed on the software. The job involved making a ½ inch aluminum plaque for a company called Norcat. It was oval, with an offset oval. It had one side that was 3 inches, and the other side was ½ inch. With the new EnRoute 3D capabilities included in the Pro version he was able to make the sweep from the 3 inch side to the ½ inch side.

Wayne isn’t the only one who appreciates the benefits of his software. He says that other machine shops are constantly sending him jobs that he will program on EnRoute and then will route for them. It has so many capabilities to do such things as bevel, step mills, and counter boards, that it is highly applicable to many other industries apart from the sign industry.

When asked if he had anything to add about the EnRoute 5 software Wayne mentioned that the online webinars produced by EnRoute are very helpful. He said that with this software, because of its comprehensive features and capabilities, there is a big learning curve. Therefore the webinars posted on the EnRoute site were very helpful for him when experimenting with all the new features.


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