We have all been anxiously waiting for EnRoute 5… And it has finally arrived!

This awesome software comes with a whole new set of features that can take your Routing creations even further than before. Many of the already great features have been enhanced to give us the latest technology on the market, plus it includes brand new features that further set EnRoute users apart from the rest.

3D Surfacing is one of the original facets of this software and has added components to 3D Reliefs on this latest release. These two already popular features have been enriched for EnRoute users and they both allow 3D applications to be more versatile than ever before. EnRoute also provides us with instructional videos for their latest innovation.

Relief Distortion gives your text and images more flexibility in terms of design. Your images can become distorted to perfectly fit your design and is processed immediately to preview your 3D shape.View this tool in action here.

Offset Relief brings maximum customization to your 3D Reliefs by displaying the object in 4 different perspectives ensuring desired results. Offsets are added layers or height to an object which can be used for molding applications or creating specific areas for rapid texture. Watch the demonstration of Offset Relief here.

If you already use previous versions of EnRoute Software, then you need to check out its latest creations. These two improved features are easy, powerful, and can take your 3D effects to a whole new level. Watch more of the new EnRoute 5 demo videos here.


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