Obstruction Avoidance, a new addition to the EnRoute 5 Software, is a tool that permits the user to avoid obstructions, imperfections, or openings in the material while nesting. Nesting, as mentioned in a previous blog post, uses computer software to efficiently manufacture parts from sheets of material with the goal of minimizing material waste and increasing material yield.

Natural Solid Wood

If you cut raw materials, in particular solid wood, you know that there are times when you need to avoid nesting in a particular area. Natural materials can provide a prestigious and rustic appeal to sign users, meanwhile there are few downsides, including: flaws and misshapes that naturally occur in the material. Solid wood is not always going to have a perfectly flat surface requiring the operator to avoid the obstruction. EnRoute’s new Obstruction Avoidance feature allows you to automatically avoid any part of the plate simply by identifying the area with a simple shape, such as a rectangle. Utilizing this tool will enable you to cut more environmental materials and result in higher quality of wood carved signs.

Remnant Material

Plastic is a very popular material used when constructing signs, and every business person knows that it is very important to maximize material yield at all times. Sometimes during a nested job, there is enough material remaining to complete another job. EnRoute 5 offers two new tools for efficiently using your material remnants, the first being obstruction avoidance as discussed above, and secondly Remnant Creation. Nesting your objects without EnRoute 5 can be tricky as you need to carefully place the material, hoping that the nested objects do not overlap the gaps.  This tool ensures that you accurately cut your second (or third) job using the remaining material as the software will automatically track your remnants shape so objects can be nested on the object in a later job. Taking advantage of this easy and useful tool will result in increased re-usage of materials, in turn lowering costs.


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