In the sign making industry, it is commonly known that 3D signage provides superior, intricate quality. Interior or exterior, 3D signs can give your company an enhanced brand image and provide an elegant customer appeal. EnRoute CNC Router Software offers a 3D Reliefs feature involves engraving and carving to create 3D surfaces which can be extremely valuable for sign making. The basic qualities of this feature include but are not limited to:

Ease of use

The CAD environment that exists for 2D is identical to 3D, plus creating the additional dimension from your 2D image is as simple as a few mouse clicks. Modifications can be made easily and in countless different ways which brings us to the second advantage which is flexibility. Note: If you currently own the 2D EnRoute software, a simple upgrade to 3D is available to order through [email protected].


Having software capability with three dimensions opens up a massive amount of opportunity and EnRoute software allows for boundless options when choosing curve angle and depth. The 3D surfaces can be treated as 2D contours, which can be moved and scaled to your desires.


3D Relief tool is the creative foundation for building 3D surfaces. Multiple sub-tool offerings exist within the 3D Relief tool and can be used to create both precise and creative surfaces.

Baroque Chamfering

  • Baroque Chamfering – lets you create different inside and outside contours
  • Rapid Texture– lets you utilize the shape of the tool to create a wide range of interesting surfaces (read more on rapid texture)
    • Inquire about MultiCam’s Textures available for EnRoute Rapid Texture by emailing [email protected]

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