Prolong the Life of your Plasma Consumables with Daisy Chain Cutting

One of the costs associated with the operation of a CNC Plasma machine is the consumables used by the torch. EnRoute’s Fab PRO Software includes a Daisy Chain function, also known as bridge nesting or chain link nesting, which connects parts that are close together using a continuous cut path; all it takes is a single click of a button. Daisy Chain Nesting has been designed to not only reduce waste, but also prolong the life of your consumables. Essentially, by creating a continuous cut path, the material requires fewer pierces, and less pierces result in better consumable life since the torch is performing less work.

Remember that it is critical to consider all costs involved when performing any cutting job. However, calculating the cost of consumables for a job is not often considered since it can be difficult to measure. That being said, there are certain protocols to follow in order to increase consumable life as much as possible, as discussed in a previous post. Combining proper consumable maintenance with Daisy Chain Cutting can allow you to reduce operating costs, especially with consumables.

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