Shop owners who require simple CAM systems are often overwhelmed with the amount of complex programs on the market that require numerous steps to convert their drawing into CNC coding language (G-Code). Many Canadian manufacturers do not require the capabilities that expensive CAM systems offer, and appeal to a simpler program that makes the process of G-Code creation and nesting much easier.

EZ G-Code offers the simplest way of turning a CAD design into machine ready G-code, with just the click of a button. EZ G-Code Creator is a batch import program reading formats such as DXF or DWG drawings. The software then automatically creates tool offsets, optimizes the cutting order, nests the parts for optimal material yield, and directly outputs G-Code for immediate operation. All that the EZ G-Code creator needs is a vector file to be imported and the software automatically nests the shapes for optimal material usage. When nesting needs are more advanced, this software allows for custom configuration for production requirements. But when time is of greater importance, settings can be switched to a more rapid nest.

One of the features that attract machine buyers to forfeit tens of thousands of dollars to CAM software is True Hole technology. To note, MultiCam licensed and integrated True Hole capabilities into EZ G-Code offering customers the advantages of True Hole at a considerably lower price.

EZ G-Code has been designed to become an easy and reliable part of your production process. By removing the time and effort for CAM development, this tool allows you to focus on the CAD, knowing that your designs will be easily converted to G-Code in the most cost-effective way possible.


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