Fabtech Canada released an article focused on how they will be promoting this years up and coming show. As shown below they will be using social media tools as a forum to engage all audiences. Follow MultiCam Canada during the show, providing up-to-date footage of events. We will be posting under the hashtags: #FabtechCanada, #MultiCamCanada, #CNCPlasma, #CNCWaterJet

Fabtech Embraces Social Media:

In the coming weeks, FABTECH Canada organizers will introduce regular on-line Twitter discussions. These moderated sessions are intended to engage audiences on key topics in the metal forming, fabricating and welding industries. Participation is as easy as signing into Twitter and entering “#fabtechcanada.” The on-line forum is designed to take on a life of its own with topics of discussion determined by participant feedback. Additional social media outlets used by FABTECH Canada to engage industry members include Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Full Article.


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