In our Plasma Cutting Glossary post, FineCut Consumables were defined as, “A line of Hypertherm consumables that deliver significant improvements in cut quality on thin-plate metals by providing a narrow kerf width, reduction in dross, and virtually no heat-affected zone.”

Hypertherm has taken cutting light-gauge metal to the next level with their FineCut Consumables line. Many customers in the HVAC industry can benefit from these consumables as they are designed specifically for intricate cutting on thin, sheet metal. Angularity can be a major issue in plasma cutting, especially for Fabrication, but in the HVAC industry, plasma will pierce through thin metals quite easily making it less of an issue. Ultimately, clean edge quality is the main goal and FineCut consumables will not fail to deliver.

The FineCut line helps to reduce dross, thus improving productivity for the user since a secondary process will not be needed for the cut part. In addition, FineCut consumables allow for a much narrower kerf than regular torches offer. A narrower kerf allows the user to make accurate slits in the material while minimizing the heat-affected zone (HAZ).

For more information on Hypertherm’s FineCut Consumables, view the PDF below:

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