Once again MultiCam Canada showcased our digital finishing solutions at Graphics Canada 2013. From November 21-23, hundreds of companies took to the showroom floor to display the latest technologies and techniques in the printing and graphics industry. As one of the major exhibitors, MultiCam was proud to showcase two of our digital finishing systems, our Digital Express and Graph-X-Cutter. The perfect complement to any printing, graphics, or sign shop, our knife cutters streamline operations and speed up turnover.

Using our Digital Express, we showcased the machine’s incredible speed of 7000 IPM rapid traverse. The Digital Express combines high-speed digital registration with powerful routing and knife-cutting capabilities. MultiCam has recently teamed up with EngView, the makers of award-winning CAD/CAM software for carton and corrugated packaging. Using EngView’s software, we were able to easily cut corrugated cardboard for POP displays. For any printing shops that design short-run diemaking, EngView software could be the perfect addition to your company’s capabilities.

MultiCam Booth at Graphics Canada 2013    POP Display using EngView Software

We showcased the versatility of our Graph-X-Cutter by using the router head for 3D routing in 20lb precision foam board. The Graph-X-Cutter is the perfect machine for shops requiring knife cutting and routing on one, compact system.  On display were a number of examples of 3D routing using our routers and EnRoute software. We had dozens of attendees ask how the samples were created and if we could make recommendations for sign shops that have 3D routing capabilities. Clearly there is a demand for textured 3D routing!

3D Routing Example at Graphics Canada 2013

An example of EnRoute’s texture capabilities, perfect for sign shops.

3D Routing Example at Graphics Canada 2013

EnRoute comes with pre-programmed textures to add depth and interest to any sign project

The major themes of the show were the increased demand for wide-format printing, the need for fast turn-around and just-in-time manufacturing, and the need for machines to truly be all-in-one printing solutions. The printers being showcased are able to handle a wide range of media, including transparent media, magnets, banners and heavyweight cardstock. Just as the latest printers are able to handle all types of media, so too are MultiCam’s digital finishers. From cardstock to cardboard to vinyl, our routers and knife cutters are able to handle any of the present and future challenges your shop may encounter.


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