Purchasing a CNC Plasma

Purchasing a CNC Plasma Machine

Many successful metal fabricating and HVAC businesses are investing in CNC Plasma machines. Over the years these machines have become economically justifiable for small businesses and have drastically advanced for mass production lines. Implementing this technology into any business model requiring a cutting application can increase productivity and reduce production costs significantly. To ensure the equipment yields the expected results, it is necessary to consider certain factors when purchasing a CNC Plasma machine.

10 Tips to Purchasing a CNC Plasma Machine:

1. Duty Cycle: Duty cycle is a measure of how long the machine can run without the need for cooling. For           instance, if the duty cycle is 50% that means the machine can run for 5 out of 10 minutes at a given amperage (the strength of an electric current expressed in amperes). Know approximately how many hours you will use the plasma machine per day for the particular amperage setting. The duty cycle of the plasma cutter will be higher at low amperage’s depending on how high the amperage output of the machine is.

2. Amperage: Know what kind of electrical source you will be using to run the machine. To maintain or improve duty cycle, try to run the machine at the lowest amperage possible.

3. Material Type: Know what type and thickness of material you plan to cut. Try to purchase a machine with as much versatility as possible.

4. Speed: Based on your preferred speed of production, take note of how much material the machine can cut usually shown in inches per minute (IPM).

5. Cutting Capacity: Know the size of the material you will be cutting. Purchase a machine with the appropriate table size while accounting for room to expand.

6. Weight: If your production requires frequent transporting of the machine, weight should be considered in order to ease the moving process.

7. Budget: Know the maximum amount you can afford to invest. Consider costs of shipping, installation, operation and maintenance. Keep in mind ‘you get what you pay for’, look for a reliable, quality machine with a wide range of features and options.

8. Consumables: Consumables are certain components associated with every plasma machine essential to the cutting process. They are replaced on a regular basis. Therefore, aside from all the costs of a machine, it is best to invest in quality consumables that last long.

9. Warranty: Ensure the machine comes with parts and labour warranty, in case of any manufacturing defects that may occur during the first year of operation.

10. Technical Support: Ensure technical support service is offered either on-site or through telephone, in case of technical difficulties.

MultiCam offers 1000 Series, 3000 Series, 6000 Series, V Pro, and V-Series plasma machines with several standard features and many options including a full range of Hypertherm Air, HySpeed and HyPerformance plasma systems, zoned downdraft or water filled CNC plasma table, oxy fuel torches for cutting thicker materials, high-performance drill and tap spindles, automatic initial pierce height, and more. Click here for more information.


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