In recent marketing strategy developments, the point of purchase (POP) for products and services has served a pivotal role. Consumers tend to make purchasing decisions on very high-margin products or services based on strategic locations, and/or advertising at this location.  Marketers use this opportunity to entice customers and encourage impulse buying. An example of this type of business is Point-of-Purchase Displays.

In such an industry where artistic appeal is highly valued, MultiCam highly encourages its CNC Knife and Router users to think “outside-the-box” and challenge its ordinary capabilities.

CNC Knives have been critical to the success of many suppliers of POP displays. The diverse nature of the products produced for the POP business means the suppliers to this trade need to have a diverse set of capabilities in design and production. A CNC Knife offers one of the widest range of capabilities in the industry. It can cut from corrugated and honeycomb cardboard, to plastic-covered and closed cell foam. CNC Routers can create more than just rounded corners, sleek contoured edges, and detailed designs. Most of our consumers use regular cutting, shaping and profiling jobs, but actual capabilities do not end there. The routers are also capable of line boring, relief work, and gang drilling.

MultiCam Canada hopes to extend its network further into the Point of Purchase (POP) business sector. Its combination of CNC routers and POP design software called KaseMake cater exactly to the needs of this business.

MultiCam Canada is pleased to announce a partnership with AG/CAD for Canadian distribution of KaseMake. The two companies will work to provide the Canadian manufacturing industry with automated cutting solutions aimed at the POP, POS, Packaging, Merchandising, and Sign sectors. It is known as “The Designer’s Choice” for its simple and quick 2D drafting and editing tools with hundreds of built-in autosizing design libraries that can be stunningly mocked and proofed three dimensionally. MultiCam’s superior digital cutting system combined with AG/CAD’s customizable CAD software will provide customers with ultimate ROI.

See KaseMake Software for more details.

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