cutting acrylic

When cutting acrylic for applications where the edge will be visible and will need to be either polished or at least very smooth, it’s absolutely imperative that you get the cut right the first time. So, today we put our new 6mm Crown Norge Diamond bit to the test and were blown away by the results.

For our initial cut pass we used a 1/4 inch Super Upcut Bit on 1/4 clear acrylic at a feed rate of 150 in./min. and a speed of 28000 RPM’s.

To get the perfect edge quality we needed, the 6mm Diamond Bit performed 2 passes at 20 in./min. and 30000 RPM’s.
6mm Diamond Bit
MultiCam 3000 Router Polishing Acylic

To achieve the best results and avoid the rewelding of acrylic dust we recommend monitoring the polishing passes and removing any dust that is created.

The final results:


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