Many users of LMT tools have trouble with choosing the right tool, here is a quick and easy process of selecting and ordering your Onsrud tools.

Tool Selection

  1. Start by looking in the Table of Contents by Material and for the type of material being cut, leading you to the correct section of the catalog. Eg. Acrylic – Hard Plastic
  2. Select the flute geometry (straight, upcut, downcut or compression) based on required finish. Eg. Upcut
  3. Select the number of flutes based on type of material. Eg. Single Flute
  4. Select the Overall Length (OAL) and Diameter (DIA) according to your material thickness. Eg. OAL 2.5″
  5. Now you should know the exact Part Number for the tool(s) you need. Eg. PN: 63-725


  1. Obtain the part numbers for the tool(s) that you have selected. Ex. 63-725
  2. E-mail the order desk with the part number(s) and quantity information. Ex. 63-725 x 10


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