Getting your water quality tested and using the right temperature

The quality of your water is crucial because it can severely affect how long the components in your WaterJet last! Components in high-pressure machines especially, can wear faster if you have poor water quality. Ensuring that the water you use is clean will increase the life of your components and reduce the need to replace parts. This will save your company a great deal of time and money.

Getting your water quality tested

reverse-osmosis-water-filtrationBefore buying any new CNC WaterJet it might be a good idea to get your water quality tested. Specifically, make sure you get it tested for total dissolved solids (TDS). Some manufacturers will do this for you and may even provide recommendations to improve your water quality if need be. In the unlikely scenario that your water quality is not up to par, manufacturers will most often recommend purchasing a water cleaning system such as a reverse osmosis filter or a water softener. Even after getting your water quality tested, remember that it does not hurt to get it done more than once because your water quality will not remain good forever. If you ever find that your machine components are wearing out faster than normal, water quality is usually to blame. In the event that this happens, water quality should be the first thing you investigate.

Water temperature and recycling your water

The temperature of your water can also have a big impact on the seal life in high-pressure water pumps. You should try to keep the water below 20oC. If the water is too warm, the seals may soften and expand faster than normal, requiring more maintenance than would otherwise be necessary. A good way to keep your water cold is to use a water chiller, which your manufacturer may recommend.

You may also want to consider a closed-loop filtration system. These systems can be used to recycle and filter your water in order to keep it clean. These systems become especially important if you are cutting toxic materials such as lead. WaterJets typically use between 2 and 8 litres of water per minute, and can either be recycled or disposed of immediately.

Water quality might seem insignificant, but in reality it can have a big effect on the components of your machine. A simple thing like maintaining the cleanliness of your water can go a long way to improving the life of your components. Checking your water quality is a quick and easy way to get the most out of your machine.


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