Most manufacturers in the HVAC industry are cutting thin sheet metal which can be seen in the ventilation systems in our homes. In order to get the best result from your plasma cutting machine, it is critical to be using the right power supply. The higher the amperage, the greater definition you will get because the angularity of the plasma cut will be much smaller. The thickness of the material also needs to be taken into account when deciding on amperage levels. The thicker the material, the greater definition you will need in order to cut the material as straight as possible.  It is important to find the balance between getting an optimal result while maintaining a low variable cost.

For most companies in the HVAC industry, we recommend either the Powermax 65 or Powermax85 as they are both versatile torches with a low operating cost. Click here for more information.

MultiCam continues to promote the use of Hypertherm consumables due to their high quality products and compatibility with our machines. As mentioned in an earlier post, many customers are resorting to lower cost alternatives that tend to erode much quicker.  Ultimately, this choice can turn out to be more costly. Extending the longevity of your consumables is critical and also requires maintaining your power supply regularly. This can be done through the use of an air dryer on the compressor. The dryer keeps moisture out of the torch which reducing the chances of erosion.

In addition, both models in the Powermax line are very user-friendly due to the simplified control panel. The control panel enables the user to choose the material and thickness to be cut as well as the amperage required.  The MultiCam EZ Controller has the materials preset in the material library which further simplifies the process for the user. Hypertherm provides very easy to use instructions and guidelines about which consumables you would need to order depending on the job process. As always, is a useful source of information, or you can refer to your manual for additional advice.


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