Since our previous post, Plasma Cutting Glossary, I’ve added some new terms used in the industry to help you navigate through the sheet metal jargon.

Angularity – Measurement of the plasma cut angle.

Burr – A thin ridge or roughness left on forgings or sheet metal blanks by cutting operations such as slitting, shearing, trimming, blanking, or sawing. Deburring is smoothing the rough cut edges of metal. Click here to see more on ROTOCLEAN: deburring tumbler

Bypass – A generic term referring to the amount that one steel passes over or through another piece of steel.

Dross – the molten waste material created by thermal cutting process that solidifies either on the top or bottom of the sheet.

Ductility – a measure of the extent to which a metal can be deformed or bent before fracture a fracture occurs.

Duty Cycle – refers to the percentage of time (in any interval) that the plasma arc can be cutting

Heat-affected zone (HAZ) – portion of metal that has undergone structural changes due to immense heat. HAZ is usually invisible, although sometimes a tint may appear.

Kerf – the width of a cut made by the plasma arc

Lag (Drag) Lines – grooves in the cut surface that are the result of a plasma arc





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