MTC Software, a division of Hypertherm, offers industry leading CAM Nesting Software and Punching Software.

CNC Plasma, Laser, and WaterJet cutting machines are recommended to be used with ProNest software. It has proven to rapidly achieve high levels of material utilization without programmer intervention. Up to 40% cost savings have been recognized with this nesting software, and recognized as the most advanced in its class. Hypertherm’s True Hole TechnologyTM improves the look and quality of the products, while ProNest makes it easy. Operating Managers have quoted that ProNest pays for itself in as little as 3-4 months. This product has shown productivity increases of over 90%, proving ProNests undeniable performance. 

Features offered by MTC are very applicable to these machines including:

  • Enhanced Part Quality:
    • profile parameter control reduces edge taper
    • corner, radius, and lead ramping technology improves cut quality
    • Improved Material Utilization:
      • automatic nesting on remnant and skeleton plates
      • bridge, chain and common-line cutting
      • Increased Productivity:
        • optimized cut sequencing to reduce traverse times
        • multi-head cutting support to achieve maximum part volume

To view applications compatible with MTC Software click here.

3 Types of Nesting & Process Optimization Software:

  • NestMaster – introductory plasma and oxyfuel applications
  • TurboNest – conventional plasma and oxyfuel applications
  • ProNest – industry’s most advanced nesting software, used with High Density Plasma Cutting

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