vplasmaInnovation has proven to be a major factor as it has shaped many new fabricating technologies and processes. Incredible 5-Axis technology and exceptionally easy-to-use processing software are just two examples of innovative technology that is changing the fabricating industry’s landscape. It is important for fabricator shops to not simply look at the addition of new innovative technology as an independent investment, but more importantly how this new technology will affect the shop’s entire production process chain. This is important for fabricators because technological advancement occurs constantly, and in order for fabricators to keep up in this developing industry they must embrace this change or risk falling behind the competition.

It is very important for fabricating shops to first define their process chain in order to determine if there are any opportunities to implement new technology. The process chain is simply a combination of steps that occur the minute an order is received, proceeding to the actual fabricating of materials, eventually ending the process chain with the delivery of finished goods. Shortening the process chain, as well as reducing costs per parts, are both important ongoing tasks for manufacturers. New innovative CNC technologies often provide the solution for this task. CNC cutting solutions, especially those with 5-Axis technology, offer users more flexibility in their production processes potentially allowing the shop to eliminate certain steps from the process. Although investing in new innovative technologies may involve substantial short-term financial commitment, this technology will most likely propel a shops existing process to more efficient and cost-effective levels, offsetting the initial costs.  There are several other considerations shops must make when reviewing their process chain. CAD/CAM Software, for example, shopdatacan play a huge role in the fabrication process as it is the use of computer software to control machine tools and product designs in the manufacturing process. Innovative software programs, such as Shop Data and EZ G-Code used by MultiCam CNC cutting machines, offer users an efficient and user-friendly approach to designing and creating product models to be cut on their machines.

The fabrication industry is a vibrant setting that is constantly changing with new emerging technologies. CNC machinery is becoming a necessity for firms who want to compete in this market. MultiCam Canada helps its clients to not only stay competitive but helps to expand and increase profitability in an increasingly competitive market. MultiCam’s robust line of Plasma CNC cutting machines, offering both 3-Axis and 5-Axis cutting options offer users the innovative cutting edge technology necessary to remain prominent in the fabricating industry.


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