In June of 2012, Steffler Heating had a V-Series Plasma installed in their shop. The MultiCam V-Series is an affordable option for cutting sheet metal for HVAC applications and light duty fabrication. Equipped with powerful Hypertherm Powermax 65 torch technology, this machine is able to cut gauge material, mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and brass. This was the ideal machine for Steffler Heating to integrate into their production and to help them streamline their manufacturing processes.

When the machine arrived at Steffler Heating, the installation team was ready for the exciting challenge of moving it into the shop. From the first photo you can see that unloading the machine was done at an unusual angle. This was due to the fact that the back door of the Steffler Heating shop was at ground level with minimal space for a forklift. This meant that rather than backing the truck up to a loading dock that would be at the same level the machine had to be undecked and brought down to ground level.

Following the unloading, the machine had to go through an opening that was too small for the machine to fit through in the upright position. To account for this, the machine was turned on its side with the gantry removed so that it could be maneuvered through the door smoothly. The machine was then lifted back to the upright position and the gantry was placed back onto the machine. The room where the machine is now operating is a tight fit for a piece of manufacturing equipment like a CNC Plasma machine. With the relatively small footprint of the MultiCam V-Series machine, we were able comfortably fit this powerful machine into Steffler Heating.

This installation just goes to show that no machine shop is too small for a Plasma machine. No matter what the space constraints are, there are many ways to make the V-Series Plasma a part of any shop. It’s easy to see why the MultiCam V-Series is the choice machine for so many HVAC companies!


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