The integrated material database allows the user to easily adjust parameters of their production through one simple program. This database is pre-loaded with material types and their respective settings for various elements of cutting. Through the hand-held EZ Control System the user is able to modify the material type and the respective parameters will adjust accordingly. These parameters include such things as cutting speed, feedrate, pierce delay, and pierce height. If the user chooses to modify material thickness or arc current as well, then the Integrated Material Database will take these changes into account and adjust the other parameters automatically.

This tool is a very useful facet of the EZ Control System. It increases speed and productivity because less time is needed to input and recalculate cut specifications. This not only saves time but reduces error and possible variance. In addition, the mobility of the EZ control system allows these adjustments to be made in real time. The machine operator can observe the cut job and then modify the material type, arc current, and material thickness all while standing right at the machine.

The Integrated Material Database comes standard with all MultiCam Plasma machines including the V-Series Plasma. It is just another way that MultiCam is helping you to streamline processes and bring you to full operating potential.


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