Do you currently own a handheld plasma torch such as one from the Hypertherm Powermax line? Have you been considering upgrading to a mechanized platform but you don’t want to have to purchase a new plasma unit? Integrating a handheld torch into a mechanized table is simple with MultiCam’s V-Series and 1000 Series Plasmas. These plasma systems have been specially designed with the Powermax line in mind and integration with your current system is easy. Our sales and technical team can work with you to ensure that your new mechanized system integrates seamlessly with your current plasma unit, reducing your capital expenditure.

Hypertherm Powermax lineupThose with the older Powermax 1000, 1250, or 1650 models can easily integrate into a MultiCam platform with a torch lead that our technicians will install. For those with the newer 65, 85, 105, and 125 models the integration is even simpler as all MultiCam tables have been designed with Hypertherm products in mind.

V-Series Plasma

Our V-Series table uses the Hypertherm Powermax line. Let us integrate your existing equipment into a new mechanized system.

Don’t let your shop size or budget constraints limit your ability to upgrade to a mechanized plasma cutting system. By allowing us to integrate your existing plasma unit in to a new MultiCam plasma table, your shop will increase productivity, reduce waste, and speed up production time, all while being mindful of your bottom line.


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