After 4 years of research, engineering and testing, the Hypertherm Powermax 105 is finally here! This is your chance to bring the latest Powermax technology into your machine shop and experience the benefits it provides.

The Powermax line of products combines portability and power to deliver high cut quality at high speeds. They use the power of compressed air along with powerful Hypertherm torches to perform both cutting and gouging applications. With the newest line of Powermax technology now released it is a great opportunity for you to improve your operations and increase your company’s productivity. In addition, it will allow you to stay ahead of the game with the latest technology providing your company a competitive advantage.

The powerful 105 Amp system cuts up to 1 ¼ inch metal and has a 2 inch sever metal. The tough and versatile technology is easy to operate while being user friendly. The benefits the Powermax unit will provide your company include:

Benefits of the Powermax 105

  • Higher productivity at lower costs due to faster cut speed: for 1 ¼ inches (32mm) in comparison to the powermax 85 speed of 10 IPM, the powermax 105 cuts the same thickness at 20 IPM
  • There is no need to preheat the Powermax system allowing you to save time
  • Better reliability from an even tougher and more resilient Powermax model
  • Improved torch durability thanks to higher heat and impact resistance making sure your torch will be operating at peak performance for longer
  • Easy to use due to user friendly controls, as well as being remarkably portable due to its small size
  • Greater versatility and compatibility with innovative torch designs leading to a wide range of applications and uses
  • Automatically detects consumable end of life and turns off the machine ensuring no damage is done to the work piece

Key specs of the Hypertherm Powermax 105:

  • 105 A output current 80% duty cycle at 40 degree thickness
  • Cut capacity: 1 ¼” (32mm) at 20 IPM, 2”(50mm) at 5 IPM (severance)

In Comparison to the Powermax 65 and Powermax 85

In comparison to some of the previous models, the new Powermax 105 shows an improvement not only in speed at which it cuts but also the thickness of the material. In comparison to the Powermax 65 which has a recommended cut capacity of ¾” at 20 IPM, a severance of 1 ¼” at 5 IPM, and pierce of 5/8”, the Powermax 105 has a recommended cutting capacity of 1 ¼” at 20 IPM, severance of 2” at 5 IPM and a pierce of 7/8”. The Powermax 85 on the other hand has a recommended cut capacity of 1” at 20 IPM, severance of 1 ½” at 5 IPM and pierce of ¾”. It is clear by looking at these cut specs that the Powermax 105 is by far the most powerful one yet.

Complete Specs and Comparison of the Powermax Models

Powermax 30

Powermax 45

Powermax 65

Powermax 85

Powermax 105

To view the Hypertherm Powermax Selection Guide click here.


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