Our Reasons to Automate, in a recent blog post, outline the major benefits of automating your factory. Capital expenditures in your fabrication line are huge decisions and require a thorough evaluation process. Decision factors should be determined and measured based on each product to determine the optimal solution for your company.

Shop magazine provides us with 9 key challenges faced when deciding to invest in automation for your shop:

1)    Fit into the plant and fit within the scheme of the shop flow

  • MultiCam CNC machines are custom fitted to meet the needs of your business

2)    Be sized correctly

  • MultiCam machines come in a wide variety of table sizes, from 4’x4’ to unlimited custom dimensions, to ensure that clients get optimal use of their investment

3)    Be affordable and allow a company to achieve a return on investment

  • From V-Series to 6000-Series, MultiCam Plasma’s are designed to fit every budget to ensure the highest rate of return.

4)    Be usable

  • Having a functional machine to meet the needs of your shop is imperative as it is a major investment for your operations
  • It is equally important to staff knowledgeable machine operators that can use your machine to the full extent of its capability

5)    Be easy to maintain

  • This is the variable expense of capital expenditures, maintenance costs need to be investigated prior to machine purchase

6)    Reduce costs

  • Cap-ex should decrease overall costs (fixed and variable) in order to achieve max ROI
  • Our machines reduce material yield on average 15-20%

7)    Improve shop throughput

  • Product output should be increased with use of the new machine, allowing for high production volumes and additional revenues

8)    Handle variability in manufacturing to accommodate customization

  • MultiCam CNC Plasma’s, capable of cutting a wide variety of materials, couples with nesting software allows for maximum customization

9)    Sustainable – something that will be used over years of operation

  • MultiCam’s that have been installed 18 years ago are still in use today as our machines have been among the most durable in the market
  • Demand for products tend to fluctuate in terms of their respective product life cycle, and as technology continues to grow, the demand for a CNC Cutting Solutions remains reliable and stronger than ever.

By using each of these factors to measure the compatibility of a machine, your business should be able to make a confident decision towards investment.


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