Plasma technology in the HVAC industry is essential for company’s wanting to stay competitive in today’s market conditions. Hypertherm outlay’s seven ways that investing in a plasma cutting system can benefit your company.

Improve Productivity: Labor costs are typically one of the largest operating expenses for any business. Switching from oxyfuel cutting to plasma, for example, pays off with faster cut speeds, less grinding, and less rework.

Reduce Operating Costs: Powermax systems run on shop air eliminating the need for bottled gases.

Win in a Competitive Marketplace: In most markets, competition revolves around price, quality, and the ability to complete the job on time and to the customer’s requirements. With lower operating costs and higher productivity, you can offer your customers better prices.

Build Customer Loyalty: In a tight economy, your customers are thinking about their purchases just as carefully as you are. Now, more than ever, they are looking for a company that can provide them with the best combination of the product cost, quality, delivery time, and even customization. If the right tool helps you meet your delivery deadlines, keep your costs down, and improve the quality of your product, you will distinguish yourself from your competition and increase repeat sales.

Lower Training Costs and Retain the Best Employees: Even when jobs are scarce, keeping skilled, dependable employees is a concern for any business. After all, finding and training a new employee can double the cost of that person for the first year. The Powermax systems’ drag-cutting technology and simple controls make them easy for new users to learn. With air plasma, there are no gases to regulate either.

Increase Tax Depreciation Write-offs: New equipment purchases provide a tax deduction in the form of depreciation taken over a set number of years. It may also be worth checking into tax incentives for business investment at either the federal or state level as economic stimulus remains a prime topic at all levels of government.

Source: MultiCam Canada Newsletter: “HVAC Edition” – Volume 1, Issue 2


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