Here are a few ways a CNC Shop May Implement Lean Principles:

Efficient Plant Layout

In order to avoid unnecessary wastes caused by excessive transportation, an efficient plant layout is one of the important. It is important to have CNC machines placed in a location where parts can be easily transported for the next machining process. This result in less waste of time and resources.

Adoption of periodic and preventive maintenance

In order to avoid painful and costly downtimes during production runs, it is important adopt a diligent routine maintenance. Unforeseen downtimes are significantly reduced with regular maintenance and checking of the different equipment, which leads to the reduction of wastes relating to lost time and defects.

Understanding Machining Parameters and Processes

Fully achieving lean manufacturing involves thoroughly choosing machine parameters such as feed rates, cutting speeds and so on. Not only does this allow for getting the most value out of the CNC machine, but you also get the best yield from material, and the best tooling life. Furthermore, it is encouraged to adopt the appropriate manufacturing program that is most effective for different machining processes. By doing these, a CNC shop can minimize wastes related to defects, motion, and excessive processing. Take a look at our feed and speed calculator,

Maximization of Tooling Efficiency (tooling selection)

Tooling efficiency is a vital part in machining, as this could significantly impact the quality of parts produced by any CNC machine. It is critical to choose the right tools in guaranteeing a high cutting quality, as well as significantly reducing the number defective parts due to poor tooling utilization.

Always Make Productivity the end goal

Organization and placement of tools needed in the production/manufacturing of parts can make a huge difference in the organization of a CNC shop workflow. Lean practices such as the 5S go a long way in organizing the manufacturing floor, and ultimately achieving waste relating to motion and non-utilized resources.

Continuous improvement initiatives

Proactively and constantly improving machining processes is guaranteed to help in delivering the highest quality parts with promising delivery commitments.


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