The cost for fiber liner which insulates ductwork averages 45-50 cents per square foot when delivered to your door. Typically, manufacturers throw away up to 45% of the scrap material while disregarding the costs involved with waste. Recently, manufacturers have moved to closed cell, elastomeric liners costing over $3.00 a square foot, in essence throwing away $1.35 per square foot. Ultimately, business owners will realize that they are losing potential bottom-line profits.

Mechanized liner cutting is available with the MultiCam HVAC EZ Knife System utilizing the same efficient nesting software that is employed on the CNC Plasma Cutting machine. Nesting uses the software to efficiently manufacture parts from sheets of material with the goal of minimizing material waste and increasing material yield. The HVAC EZ Knife System offers an ideal solution that does not expose the liner to water and keeps your shop free of router dust and plasma pollutants. More importantly, companies are saving money by making use of this potentially wasted material. In a market place where margins are already thin, minimizing this hidden cost drives profits directly to your bottom-line.

John Del Vecchio
ShopData Systems


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