A few helpful hints to keep you cutting smooth

When purchasing a CNC WaterJet system you have decided to make a substantial capital investment to product-wj22improve the operational capacity of your company. WaterJet’s are versatile and efficient cutting systems famous for the span of materials they can cut. In fact, MultiCam Waterjets are known to cut a staggering 40 different materials, including hard to cut materials such as glass and stone. As such, you should be mindful of some proper waterjet machining practices to ensure you are getting the most out of this amazing cutting solution and extending its useful life. Here are some great tips for maintaining your waterjet and ensuring it is generating smooth and efficient cuts for years to come.

Replacing Consumables:

With your Waterjet, you should be mindful of the wear of consumable parts. Both nozzle and pump parts should be closely monitored in order to determine the appropriate timing for maintenance or replacement. Generally speaking, the higher the water pressure you operate the more frequently parts need to be replaced. It is wise to always have spare parts on hand to reduce any down time when certain parts need replacement.

Clean Water:

Water that has particles or dissolved minerals within it will accumulate on high pressure components, thus accelerating wear. Dissolved minerals can accumulate on the top of the jewel and cause it to cut less efficiently. Essentially, the better the water being used the less frequent machine part maintenance is required. In this case, a good water softener and filtration system is very beneficial.

Clean Environment:

Even the smallest amounts of dirt can have devastating effects on the different components life and it is very important to be extra diligent in keeping everything as clean as possible. You should not store different components in areas where dust can settle on them and rinse all dirt from components prior to disassembly.

Rotate Mixing Tube:waterjet2

It is considered good practice to rotate the mixing tube relatively often. This is because in the event that the jewel is misaligned, it will hit one side of the mixing tube harder than another side, causing uneven wear. Rotating the mixing tube helps minimize this occurrence.

WaterJet CNC cutters are powerful machines that help increase the performance of your company. MultiCam Canada gives its clients a world-class, high-quality cutting tool. These are just a few guidelines to follow to maintain the waterjet and keep it running as efficiently as the day it was delivered.


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