When making a capital investment in CNC cutting solutions, the goal is to find the balance between cost and quality.  In the fabrication industry there are a few options to choose from: on the higher-end is laser cutting technology while on the lower-end is standard definition plasma. Laser cutting produces fine cut quality although it can have high variable costs. On the other hand, standard definition plasma has become affordable for a majority of market participants yet the results yielded are not always preferred. Customers looking for a good balance between the two technologies should consider the benefits of high definition plasma cutting. When cutting thicker material, angularity or bevel on the edge becomes a significant concern; high definition produces 2 degree bevel, while stand definition is closer to 15 degrees. The power supply used with high definition plasma machines creates a stronger arc therefore reducing the edge bevel. The system will also complete the job at a high speed compared to both standard definition plasma and laser cutting.   

True Hole Technology

While edge quality is a large concern when cutting all materials, customers also express concern with cutting holes in fabricated parts. With the HyPerformance Hypertherm Plasma systems, individuals can take advantage of Hypertherm’s True Hole™ Technology. True Hole allows you to pierce through thick material while maintaining the angularity of the hole throughout. You are left with a straight cut hole, without any tapering. This technology is taking plasma cutting to new heights as it is yielding significantly better hole quality than ever before.

High Definition Consumable Set

With a high definition power supply, a unique consumable set is required as the torch body and consumables are the most important components of your plasma cutting system. Hypertherm takes both the power supply and material being cut into consideration when identifying which consumables are needed. This makes it very simple for the user each time a consumable order is placed. As always, taking a few extra minutes to properly maintain your consumables will result in longer life, lowering variable costs.

Click here to view the torch and consumable sets for the HPR260XD under the “Torch & Consumables” tab.


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