With Max40 Spindle for Drill and Tap

p1The MultiCam 6000 Series CNC Bridge and Rail CNC cutting solution is the ultimate in plasma cutting technology. The 6000 Series is designed for manufacturers who need to cut heavy plate or need a large processing area without sacrificing accuracy or cutting quality. Unique to the 6000 Series is the motion platform that remains independent to the cutting surface which helps to ensure the platform will not be damaged from material loading or from the high heat inherent in oxyfuel cutting.

A rapid traverse speed of 1200 IPM and rigid all-steel construction makes this cutting solution one of the most accurate and powerful cutting systems on the market today. Take a look at video link below to see a clip of this great machine.

In addition to countless standard features including high speed contouring, automatic initial piece height, and the famous MultiCam EZ Controller, the 6000 Series comes customizable to complement your operating processes. One customization that MultiCam offers is the option of the M6000_plasma2ax40 spindle which is ideal for drilling and tapping large holes in steel plate, a feature that is growing in popularity among many manufacturers. The Max40 drill and tap spindle allows for the drilling of holes up to 40mm in diameter in steel plate with an optional 8 position tool changer for automatic tool change. The system has an optional Z-axis probed to accurately determine the Z-Axis plane on warped or inconsistent sheet, enabling the system to very accurately drill and tap hole.


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