The MultiCam Bar-code Scanning Interface is one tool that no production shops should live without. The Bar-code scanner has been developed to reduce setup time, minimize errors, and work directly with shop floor work orders.

MultiCam Bar-code Scanner

The Bar-code scanner works in direct conjunction with the Job Previewer and DNC. The Job Previewer is used to produce shop floor work orders. The work orders are automatically assigned a unique Bar-code identification. Once the machine operator scans the Bar-code, DNC will automatically call up the correct file and send it to the controller. This saves time and reduces the chance for error.

The work order is an excellent tool for communicating work orders and special instructions with your operators. The work order contains a graphical representation of the cut file, tool specifications, material descriptions, and user notes. The Bar-code on the work order ensures that the user accesses the correct job.


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