MultiCam offers very accurate cutting at high speeds with its knife CNC technology. The range of knife cutting machines offered has a variety of applications with a focus on precision, cut quality and finishing. These knife machines include the Digital Express and Graph-X-Cutter. They are also compatible with the MultiCam EZ knife system which is a high speed, powerful and reliable knife system.

Applications: carpet, felt, foam, closed cell foam, fibreglass insulation, composites, gasket materials, rubber, honeycomb cardboard, single ply cloth, corrugated cardboard, vinyl veneers, corrugated plastic, leather as well as HVAC applications

Options: To suit your cutting needs the MultiCam knife systems come available with these options:

  • Full range of table sizes
  • Multivision digital registration system
  • High frequency oscillating
  • Ultrasonic frequency
  • Drag knife
  • Kiss cut
  • Rotary
  • Crease
  • Perforate
  • Pounce

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