Selecting which CNC router is best for your business is a very important decision. There are various options for your machine in terms of drilling. There are 3 different Drilling Options discussed and the features of each.

Multifunction Drill Unit

  • features 9 vertical drills on 32mm centers
  • 3 double sided horizontal drill for processing in both the X and Y axes
  • 90 degree indexing


This optional drill unit can be included with any of MultiCam’s 3000, 5000 or 7000 series machines. An extended gantry is automatically included with the selection of a Multifunction Drill Unit to ensure complete exposure to all of the tools. 

5 x 5 Drill Bank

  • Holds nine individually selectable drills
  • Five drills in X and Y axis directions with shared center drill
  • Full rotation capability for nested sheet applications
  • Spacing: 32mm
  • Number of Drills: 9


Electric / Pneumatic Drill

Add up to 2 additional drills to the MultiCam for added production efficiency. The drill and spindle operate from the same job file. No proprietary interface software is needed to operate.

  • Standard 3/8 chuck
  • RPM: 3000
  • Requires: compressed air



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