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MultiCam Inc., globally known as one of the largest manufacturers of American-made CNC cutting solutions, is expanding its high-speed digital finishing portfolio with the all-new Celero 4322 Digital Cutting System. Uniquely designed for graphics, signage, display, and packaging applications, the Celero 4322 provides the Print and Industrial markets with the best all-around digital cutting/routing system in price and performance. Made to pair perfectly with wide-format printers, this Celero can cut up to 10’ rolls for textiles, banners, and canvas along with oversized rigid substrates up to 10’ x 6.6’. Each delivers superior production speed, versatility, and accuracy at an affordable price. 

The Celero 4322 opens a whole new world of production with knife cutting speeds of up to 4,000 inches per minute (IPM) which is up to 50% faster than tables of its comparable size. To further enhance productivity, this cutting system comes standard with MultiCam’s Automatic Linear Knife Tool Changer, allowing an assortment of your choice of five different cutting tools to be changed without any operator intervention providing a big step forward toward offering unattended finishing. 

Celero 4322’s advanced and convenient features include MultiVision camera system for fast and accurate reading of registration marks, laser pointer for easy recognition of the home starting position, and 3HP routing spindle for acrylic and aluminum composite substrates. Combined with a rigid phenolic tabletop, a rack and pinion drive system, conveyor, and four pneumatically controlled vacuum zones, the Celero 4322 Digital Finishing System provides each user with a cutter to meet the customer’s most demanding specifications. 

“With the roll to roll and board printers showing such dramatic increases in output, it has become increasingly more evident that Digital Finishing in now the bottleneck in the ability to return finished jobs to the customer. The growing demands of the PSP market, and all the new substrates being printed on, present challenges. We are so proud of the Celero 4322 as it meets the most stringent accuracy and repeatability specifications required in today’s cutting environment. Plus, it comes at a capital acquisition cost that will allow for a very fast ROI.” said Mark Packman, Digital Finishing Product Manager. 

“MultiCam’s commitment to the Digital Finishing, Routing, and Fabrication markets is further enhanced by the addition of the Celero 4322 to our product lineup. We are so proud of our innovation, and continued commitment to deliver a best-in-class Digital Finishing System, all Made in America at our Dallas manufacturing HQ. The Celero 4322 offers PSP and Industrial companies the ability to finish a wider array of applications that will help any size operation expand its customer base.” said David Morse, CEO of MultiCam, Inc and President of Kongsberg Americas. 


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