MultiCam Inc., a world-renowned builder of high-quality CNC machinery 100%made in America, is shifting production to meet the global demand of personal protective equipment (PPE) for front line healthcare workers in their daily fight against COVID-19.

There has been a shortage of PPE as the pandemic progresses, MultiCam stepped up to meet the challenge by shifting several of their knife cutting machines in their solutions center to manufacture Multi-ShieldsTM, a patent pending version of the medical-grade clear plastic face shields and hospital gowns that protect healthcare workers from contaminants.

“What started as another sleepless night of me thinking about how we can help fight this pandemic and to protect our workforce has turned into a full-fledged design and production of PPE due to the quick innovation from our great MultiCam Solutions team. We have contracts to produce 60K+ Multi-ShieldsTM, growing to over 100K and 10K+ hospital gowns with requests that are rapidly increasing by the day. This effort has allowed us to bring our employees back to work and allowed many of our customers to survive this crisis by producing our designed solutions of PPE as well.” David Morse, CEO.

MultiCam’s Solutions team worked to simplify the design to one that can be made more efficiently. Ramped up production doesn’t mean the standards are lowered. MultiCam’s PPE has been designed to meet the desired standards of the medical teams with rigorous quality control and production supervision by local hospitals.

Celero 5153c High Speed finishing system with cutting speeds of up to 6,000 inches per minute can produce a Multi-ShieldTM in 28 seconds. The Celero 7153c with cutting speeds of up to 7,800 inches per minute can cut two yards of fabric into patterns required per gown in 30 seconds. MultiCam’s aggressive ongoing effort is to get these lifesaving PPE into the hands of thousands of healthcare workers.


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