North Texas Pressure Vessels Inc installs a MultiCam Waterjet

Thanks to the MultiCam 3000 Series WaterJet, North Texas Pressure Vessels Inc. of Mineral Wells, Texas, is a growing one-stop shop that does all its own machining in house. Owners Keith Boyd and Scotty Whitsett started NTPV in 2006 and bought their waterjet in 2010 to make steel and aluminum parts for oil and gas pressure vessels.

NTPV uses the waterjet to cut tube sheets for filter sets, swing-bolt closure sets, lugs and flow measurement parts. The factory also keeps busy cutting parts for its patent-pending SandShark that removes sand from oil wells. NTPV sold over 100 of these new products to one company this year.

Keith likes the convenience of the computer monitor being right by the machine and appreciates the personal touch MultiCam sales, service and support personnel provide. The NTPV waterjet operator got up to speed very quickly after installation and runs the machine about 58 hours a week.

“We’re spoiled since we added the MultiCam WaterJet,” Keith said. “It’s a very good product that produces parts requiring little cleanup. Because it’s so precise and creates such a clean edge, we don’t want to use a torch anymore.”

The MultiCam Waterjet allows NTPV to make all parts in its factory without sending work out anymore. This has helped NTPV stand out as more than just an ordinary fab shop.

“Our waterjet paid for itself by saving time,” Keith said. “It’s opened doors for us so we’re cutting more than just machine parts for our company.”

Due to the CNC machine’s versatility, NTPV has expanded into the aircraft industry and is doing artistic work for sign companies.

By making better-looking, higher-quality parts, the business has become more competitive. As a result, NTPV is adding 10,000 square feet to its current 20,000-square-foot facility.


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