MultiCam offers Waterjet CNC machines which provide an extremely powerful and versatile cutting solution. By having the option of using either pure water or abrasives to cut the waterjet is able to work on almost any type of material. MultiCam offers this machine in multiple formats including the V-Series, 1000 Series, 3000 Series and 6000 Series waterjets.

Applications: stone and tile machining, job shop (general parts fabrication), metal cutting (all metals),aerospace machining (non heat-affected edge), automotive parts manufacturing, gasket manufacturing (rubber products), foam cutting, glass/ceramics machining, carpet cutting (pure water)

Options: To suit your cutting needs the waterjet is available with the following options:

  • Full range of table sizes
  • Full range of intensifiers
  • 60K and 90K PSI options
  • Abrasive and Pure water heads
  • Multiple heads
  • Closed water filtration systems
  • Abrasive removal systems
  • Chillers

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