Abrasive is used to add power and strength to the stream of water used to cut in WaterJet technology. This abrasive is added at a steady rate to the stream of water through what is called an abrasive delivery system. The rate at which it is added can have implications for cutting power and speed. Some materials require more abrasive to cut than others. It is important to be able to control the abrasive feed rate to make sure that you are not using too much on a type of material that does not require that much erosive power to cut. Since abrasive costs represent 67% of WaterJet operating expenses it is important to minimize the usage amount where you can.

A standard feature on all MultiCam WaterJet machines is the MultiFeeder. It is a technology that dispenses the exact amount of abrasive needed to cut a certain type of material. This allows the feed rate to be altered and controlled by the operator which not only will ensure optimum machine performance but also provides significant savings.

The MultiFeeder technology allows the abrasive feed rate to either operate fully under CNC control or can be programmed with the handheld keypad. This way the operators can vary the feed rate during production in real-time. Being able to alter and adapt the abrasive feed rate through MultiFeeder technology can typically decrease your abrasive costs by up to 40%!

*Source: MultiCam Inc


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