In our last newsletter we announced the new Nested Based MultiCam 3000 Series Router for the woodworking and cabinet industries. But what exactly is nested based manufacturing- commonly referred to as NBM- and how could this be applicable to your company?

Nested Based 3000 Series RouterWhat is NBM?

Nested-Based Manufacturing is a system used to produce groups of components nested together on sheets of material. Nested refers to the close proximity of one component to another. Using special nesting software, a machine is able to cut the exact quantities of materials needed for an item in the most space-efficient configuration possible.

In regards to woodworking, those parts that would have been traditionally cut by a saw are now cut by a router. The router can profile, drill, and cut the parts, all in a single process.

Benefits of NBM

A Nested Based Router will eventually save on capital costs, as a CNC router can now provide the services of a saw, drill, and profiler. NBM reduces handling time, increases a shop’s flexibility to handle new products, and provides consistent quality for every piece cut. The CNC router and NBM ultimately improve every aspect of a business. Reducing manufacturing cycles through increased efficiency leads to reduced inventory holding costs, improves productivity, and allows a shop to react more quickly with Just-In-Time manufacturing.

As more cuts are being made out of a single piece of material, material costs go down, as well as the amount of waste that is produced. Many manufacturers see a 20-30% reduction in materials used. The reduction in material alone often makes the investment into NBM result in a positive ROI. Reducing the amount of material used for the same number of parts not only improves your bottom line, but helps your shop to operate in a more environmentally conscious manner.

nested cabinet cuttingWho can Benefit from NBM?

Almost any type and size of business that requires part cutting can benefit from NBM and Nested-Based CNC Routers. In regards to the woodworking industry, those companies that produce kitchen cabinets and doors, ready to assemble furniture, and store fixtures and displays can readily benefit.

A CNC router with Nested-Based capabilities is the ideal choice for any business who builds a number of cabinets per week or who think they need to hire on more staff. Let automation allow you to increase your workload without sacrificing production time. Your company will become more agile in responding to industry trends and customer demands, and you’ll decrease the need for secondary processing costs.


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