The high performance 5-Axis Router has arrived and it opens up a world of new applications. 5-Axis applications include edge trimming, deep cavity mold making, molded plywood chair, and decorative furniture parts. 5-Axis means that it can operate on 5 separate side of a part, and can benefit any shop as it allows for new applications and opportunities. Reducing overall setup time, the 5-Axis can easily cut a job in one single run (without having to reposition the material), which in turn saves your company time and money.

As CNC Router technology continues to advance, it is important to stay up to date on the most recent systems to stay ahead in the competitive market. As its important to always think about the months ahead and plan for future work the 8000-Series Router ensures you will have the expanded capabilities it needs for success.


Product Brochure    Product info on MultiCam website


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