3000 Series Router Nested-Bed Solution

MultiCam Canada is pleased to announce that we will now be offering our 3000 Series Router with a Nested-Bed for $74,995. This configuration will include the following specifications:

  • 10 HP, automatic too changing spindle
  • 5 x 5 Matrix with 9 drills and a drill bank

3000-RThe 3000 Series Router is already one of our most popular models for small-to-medium sized manufacturers looking for a powerful, yet affordable machine. It features a rigid steel gantry and frame capable of processing a unit of material in an 8-hour shift. This same machine is now offered with a Nested-Bed allowing you to produce more parts with less labour, less material waste, and with a superior degree of accuracy. This in turn allows you to reduce the cost of your parts and increase profitability.

The 3000 Series Router with Nested-Bed starts at just $74,995.



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