On Hypertherm HPRXD Plasma Power Supplies

New material libraries have recently behypertherm no bkg copyen released for Stainless Steel cutting on Hypertherm Plasma power supplies, pertaining specifically to the HPRXD 130, HPRXD 260, and HPRXD 400 systems.

HPRXD stainless steel technologies are known to provide quality cutting on stainless steel and now with new HDi technology for thin stainless, optimized gas mixing for mid range thickness, and PowerPierce technology for the thickest cutting available, HPRXD is providing a truly superior cut. The HDi thin stainless steel technology brings HyDefinition cutting technology to thin stainless steel 3mm to 6mm delivering very sharp top edge quality and superior angularity with reduced angle variation. HPRXD uses mixed gas stainless steel cutting technology to provide quality cuts of stainless steel from 6mm to 80mm with improved consistency. PowerPierce technology is also very powerful extending piercing capabilities to 45mm with the HPRXD 400, eliminating the need for pre-drilling operations, maximizing your firm’s operations and extending the life of your consumables. This effective combination of consumables and gases has substantially improved edge quality when cutting stainless steel materials and this innovative technology is available to anyone using the XD plasma power supply.

Contact MultiCam Canada for inquires or a quotation to have your machines upgraded to these truly remarkable new Hypertherm stainless steel cutting processes.







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