The MultiCam 1000-Series CNC Router offers rigidity, reliability, and now increased spindle action while maintaining its excellent performance and entry-level price point.

Adding to the already extensive list of options that are currently available on the 1000-Series CNC Router, MultiCam has added a 10 HP HSD spindle with pneumatic chuck and a linear Automatic Tool Changer.

Upgrading your MultiCam 1000-Series CNC Router from the standard 4 HP spindle to the 10 HP spindle will result in more cutting torque on entry-level equipment which translates into higher cutting speeds.

Recall MultiCam Spindle Features:

  • Low Maintenance – No lubrication required. The only maintenance needed is to keep the cover nut and collet clean.
  • Auto Starting – The spindle automatically starts at the beginning of the job and turns off at the end.
  • Digital Spindle Speed – Digital, programmable spindle speed gives real-time feedback of the current spindle speed. Specific spindle speeds can be entered in the files and adjusted using MultiCam EZ Control.
  • Torque Monitoring – The current draw of the spindle is displayed on the keypad during cutting. This allows the user to monitor the cutting tool for wear.
  • Standard Collets – All spindles use standard ER collets that are inexpensive and readily available.

For more information on MultiCam spindle options, click here to refer to a previous post.


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