Selecting which CNC router is most suitable for your needs is a critical part of the decision making process. There are various drilling options for your machine which include the following three Drilling Options and the features of each.

Multifunction Drill Unit

  • Features 9 vertical drills on 32mm centers
  • Three double sided horizontal drill for processing in both the X and Y axes
  • 90 degree indexing

This optional drill unit can be included with any of MultiCam’s 5000 or 7000 series machines. An extended gantry is automatically included with the selection of a Multifunction Drill Unit to ensure complete exposure to all of the tools. The versatility that this tool brings to your Multicam is undeniable, as it allows you to select the perfect drill for every cut. Adding this asset to your machine opens the window of opportunity even further.

5 x 5 Drill Bank (right) holds 9 individually selectable drills and includes the capability of full rotation for nested sheet applications. This tool can grasp 5 drills in both directions on X, Y-axis and with a shared centre drill for added effectiveness.

Electric / Pneumatic Drill (left) allows for up to 2 additional drills, with the drill and spindle operating from the same job file. The second drill adds production efficiency to your work and doesn’t require any proprietary interface software. Furthermore, the drill requires compressed air and operates at 3000 revolutions per minute.


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