Often times, machine operators find conditions arise where multiple tools break and replacement is necessary more often than anticipated. What they fail to see are the avoidance measures that should be taken prior to and during tool usage.

Collet Life Span

One major factor is the collet life span. Collets have a life span of 3 months if used 8 hours a day. Replacing the collets will ensure both consistency in your operations and prevention of tool breakage. When inserting a tool into a collet, make sure the flute fadeout does not enter the collet. This will cause run out and potentially lead to tool breakage. To ensure proper clamping, the tool shank should fill, at minimum, 80% of the depth of the collet. If this cannot be achieved, use a collet life plug to ensure a proper clamping effect.

Solve Tool Breakage Issues:

  1. Ensure that you are using the proper tool for the job.
  2. Make sure your collets and tool holders are clean and secured.
  3. Check your speed and feed for heat. It should be a manageable level of heat.
  4. Properly set cut depth.
  5. Secure part to avoid movement.

Your final step should be to stop running parts and check with your distributor (MultiCam Canada) or Onsrud’s Technical Support.

Prior to contacting MultiCam Canada or Onsrud, have the following information readily available:

  • Machine being used
  • Material being cut
  • Part number of tool along with batch number which is below the part number
  • Speed, feed, depth of cut
  • Where did the tool break?
  • How long did the tool work before it broke?
  • Have you done this operation before using the same tool?

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