Pendulum processing involves dividing the cutting table into two virtual sections. The machine starts out cutting a piece of material at one end of the table, and then once finished that particular job the gantry moves to the other end of the table where there is already a new piece of material set up. This means that while the machine is cutting that new piece of material, the operator can offload the one that was previously cut. They can also load the next piece of material, so that when the gantry moves back to that end of the table it can commence the next job immediately. Therefore the machine is continuously being used and downtime is minimized. This increases productivity for your company and at the same time saves you labour costs.

CNC Router and Plasma machines are able to be configured with a pendulum processing option. This option helps to streamline and increase efficiency of operations. MultiCam gives you the ability to customize your machine so that it fits your cutting needs. It allows you to choose the optimal combination of elements and attributes that your machine will possess. Pendulum Processing is just one of the many configurations and options that you can choose for your machine.


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