Have you recently upgraded from a standard HPR Hypertherm cutting system to a HyPerformance HPRXD system? Have you been struggling with torch leaks, cut quality issues, or consumable life? One potential cause in these instances is incorrect torch assembly. Customers often do not realize consumables in the HPRXD torches need to be assembled in a slightly different way.<!–more–>

What is the difference? The image below outlines plasma consumable installation for an HPR system as shown in the HPR260 manual.

Consumable Installation in HPR System

Consumable installation in HPR system

Now compare the above image with the image below. This image shows how to install consumables in today’s HPRXD systems. Notice the difference in the shield installation. Before, it was fine to put the shield into the shield cap, and then screw both down onto the rest of the torch.

Consumable Installation in HPRXD System

Consumable installation in HPRXD system

However, with the HPRXD torch it is important to install the shield first onto the nozzle retaining cap, then place the shield cap on and tighten that down. If this isn’t done correctly you can wind up with a pinched or misaligned o-ring, which can cause your torch to leak or shorten consumable life and impact cut quality.


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