This recent trade show season, we’ve received many questions about CNC Plasma cutting on angles more than the Z-axis. The 5-Axis torch head opens up a whole new world of opportunity for those in the fabrication industry who are seeking more versatile cutting capabilities. 

What could this added option really do for your business? The answer is more than you may think; with the Canadian Manufacturing industry being increasingly more competitive. In a competitive landscape, those that can differentiate their product offering will continue to succeed. Movement of the torch head along the C-Axis and A-axis makes up the full 5-Axis rotation, delivering the essential bevel cutting to your operations.


Bevel Cutting Today

CNC Plasma systems also offer the best-quality cuts with faster cutting speeds and a reduced taper (link to glossary blog post) angle. “Modern plasma cutting equipment can deliver bevels capable of streamlining welding and assembly activities down the production line,” The Fabricator (magazine). Bevel cutting capability enables later production activities to become much easier, in turn lowering your companies operating costs, and lead time. These are crucial advancements that bring businesses ahead of their competition as customers are always attracted to lower costs and quicker turnaround time.

“If a fabricator uses a plasma cutting table of some sort and it slices right through metal but can’t bevel, that shop has a problem.” When manufacturers are taking advantage of these technological advancements in bevel cutting, their increased cutting capabilities provides a competitive advantage. Shops today are continually finding ways to streamline their production while improving their product offering otherwise they risk falling behind.

Plasma technology now allows for bevel cutting to be easier and more user friendly than ever before. Bevel cutting software, such as SigmaNest, makes bevel cutting easier and more flexible. SigmaNest offers automatic bevel recognition from all major CAD systems, allowing 3D CAD designs to translate the specific bevel angles to the Plasma machine.

In conclusion, this plasma option can be indispensable to your production line as 5-Axis Plasma cutting is streamlining processes and making manufacturers incur less operating costs, therefore being more profitable.


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